Devices to reduce vehicle emissions study

Fondo Ambiental Quito
Fondo Ambiental Quito Reductores de Emision

In order to establish a baseline that will allow quantifying the vehicles that could get into the process of receiving equipment; in 2016 the Environmental Fund (Fondo Ambiental) hired a study to evaluate the feasibility of placing emission reduction systems in the urban diesel transportation in the Metropolitan District of Quito.   

In this stage, the Technology Transfer Center for Training and Research Vehicle Emissions Control of the Polytechnic National School performs the measurement of parameters such as smoke opacity and particulate matter 2.5 in 258 municipal public transportation like buses, articulated type ones that work in the different transportation systems as trolleybus, Ecovia, Eastern South and Central North Corridor systems.

The results of this study will allow a second stage, in which the units will install emission reduction devices.  The design of an inspection and maintenance program will help the sustainability of the benefits of these devices, helping the population of the Metropolitan District of Quito by improving the quality of air they breathe.

Furthermore, the results and experiences in this stage will determine the procedures and the feasible mechanisms to be applied in an update on acceptable vehicle pollutant emissions limits rules.