Night Gardeners

Fondo Ambiental Quito
Fondo Ambiental Quito Jardineros de la Noche

The educational exhibition Night Gardeners was held at the Botanical Garden of Quito from October 2015 to February 2016.

This project was done cooperatively with the Agriculture Ministry, Environmental Department, Botanic Andes Foundation (Fundación Botánica de los Andes) and Environmental Fund (Fondo Animal), in order to educate and raise awareness of the important role bats have in the nature.

The name taken for this exhibition Night Gardeners is related to one of the least know aspects of bats, many of them feed on wild fruits and by doing this they spread the seeds where ever they fly.  Without knowing this the bats, along with other species that feed on fruits, like the parrots, toucans, dusky-legged guans, act as gardeners of the forest.

Bats are very important in agriculture because when bats eat insects they are helping to control crops pests; and when bats feed on nectar they contribute the process of fruits pollination.  

The Night Gardeners was a temporal exhibition of the bats habitat; there were themed stations where plants that depend on bats were exposed.  

The Night Gardeners exhibition had a group of educational service guides in Spanish and English who were available to both students and the general public.

For this educational exhibition a documentary about these unique animals was prepared, which undoubtedly will be a high-education material to promote conservation and caring of these beneficial animals.